New Titles.


Have just been to the auction and bought rather a lot of nice records.They will start appearing soon on the website.Look out.

Just back from holiday and now it’s all systems go with the website.Hundreds of great records lined up to list and hundreds of lp’s available to view here in Bristol, by appointment.Feel free to book a visit.

Well Into August.


As usual time is flying by and it’s August 11th.The last few weeks have been a bit quiet but that’s normal what with the holiday’s and the kids away.It’s given us some opportunities to have a good sort out and buy more records too.Come September you can expect to see a lot of fresh stock on the website ranging from some highly Collectable SXL 2000’s and Columbias to Audiophile LP’s from “Reference Recordings”,”Sheffield Lab” and “Nimbus”.And lot’s more of course.

ps. We now offer a CD to vinyl transfer service at very reasonable rates.

We are pleased to report that we have just aquired a great collection of LP’s , mainly from the early 1970’s to mid 1980’s, but some earlier too.All have either not been played at all or just once, when their music was transferred to cassette.Then archived,The covers are also Mint.We aim to list hundreds over the coming weeks.And although they are premium we won’t go mad and price them too high.So it’s all good in the land of Ambergreen.

I think there’s still time to say Happy New Year to all customers and visitors to Ambergreen Classical.

It is business as usual this new year for Ambergreen and we fully expect this Year to be a good and productive one, just like the last.We hope it’s the same for you too.

By the way please give us a Facebook  “like” on the homepage.If you feel happy to do so.

New Header.


Firstly a big thank you to Keri who let me use her picture which she took in the woods over in Wales.We took a part of the photo and used it as the background for the header.

Once again we can announce that we have had lot’s more stock arrive and now it’s about getting it listed on the website.It’s our intention to really step up the hours involved doing this.So keep a look out.

By the way we always welcome people visiting and buying direct from us the records that are not yet listed on the site.

New Stock Arriving.


What a great time it’s been at Ambergreen Classical.We have sold so many records lately and need to do some restocking.Fortunately more records are coming in all the time now.Over the next few weeks we will be adding a lot of titles, including many Opera sets. Plenty  of Wagner, as well as some more obscure and rarely recorded works and others.

More vinyl’s.


Have just spent the last week listing rock and jazz records on e-bay (e bay name padmagupta).Top quality items that took a long time to grade and describe properly.

Also i have been getting lots of great LP’s for the website and am listing them as fast as possiible.There are bargains to be had as there is 12.5% discount with 15%  off anything over £125.00.

Happy Listening.P.

By the way Ambergreen Classical Bristol wants to buy your quality LP collections and pay’s a fair price.Classical yes but most genres are of interest.

Had a Holiday.


Had a much appreciated holiday in the Lake District last week.If you have not been there I really reccomend it.I don’t get too may actual vacations and I feel it’s done me a lot of good.Sorry for not processing order’s as quilckly though and thank’s for those who were so kind and understanding when I contacted them about the delay.

Am about to introduce 12.5% discount on all order’s and with more stock arriving next week it should be a good time to buy.

Cheers, Peter.


Have been busy.


Have been selling lot’s of records recently both on the website and through personal visits.

But more stock is coming in again, so I expect to be listing some more things next week.