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Abravanel,Davrath.Honneger "Le Roi David".VSD 2117/8
Abravanel,Davrath.Honneger "Le Roi David".VSD 2117/82 LP UK Vanguard.EX/+NM.£5.00
Ameling,Gedda.Poulenc "Melodies".2 C 165-16231/5
Ameling,Gedda.Poulenc "Melodies".2 C 165-16231/55 LP box set.French EMI original.NM/NM.Like new.£15.00
Ancerl,Soukupova.Prokofiev "Alexander Nevsky".SUA ST 60429
Ancerl,Soukupova.Prokofiev "Alexander Nevsky".SUA ST 60429Red label gatefold.EX/NM.£5.00
Ancerl.Janacek "Glagolitic Mass".SUA ST 50519
Ancerl.Janacek "Glagolitic Mass".SUA ST 505191964 red label issue.EX+/NM.£5.00
Andersen,Bratlie.Grieg "Haugtussa".PS 1011
Andersen,Bratlie.Grieg "Haugtussa".PS 10111981 "Simax" gatefold.EX+/NM.£8.00
Andor.Kodaly "The Choral Music".SLPX 12492
Andor.Kodaly "The Choral Music".SLPX 124922 LP gatefold.1983 issue.NM/NM.Like new.£7.00
Ansermet,Crespin.Ravel "Nuits D'ete".SXL 6081
Ansermet,Crespin.Ravel "Nuits D'ete".SXL 6081UK narrow band.Thick vinyl.EX+/NM.£6.00
Ansermet,Danco.Ravel "Sheherazade".LXT 5031
Ansermet,Danco.Ravel "Sheherazade".LXT 5031Orange/gold first label.Mono only.Rare.EX+/EX+.Very fine condition.£22.00
Ansermet.Debussy "Pelleas & Melisande".SET 277-9
Ansermet.Debussy "Pelleas & Melisande".SET 277-93 LP box set.2 discs have ED2 labels and one is ED1.EX/EX+.Nice vinyl with jsut a couple of wispy paper scuffs. £20.00
Ansermet.Debussy "Pelleas Et Melisande".SET 277/9
Ansermet.Debussy "Pelleas Et Melisande".SET 277/93 LP box set.UK narrow bamd labels.EX+/NM.£10.00
Ansermet.Honneger "A Christmas Cantata".SDD  189
Ansermet.Honneger "A Christmas Cantata".SDD 189Large FFRR label.NM/NNM.Like new.£7.00
Ansermet.Honneger "A Christmas Cantata".SXL 6003
Ansermet.Honneger "A Christmas Cantata".SXL 6003ED2 grooved label.EX+/NM.£28.00
Ansermet.Stravinsky "Renard".SDD 241
Ansermet.Stravinsky "Renard".SDD 241Re-issue of  SXL 6171.EX+/NM.£6.00
Ashkenazy,Soderstrom.Rachmaninov Songs.SXL 6718
Ashkenazy,Soderstrom.Rachmaninov Songs.SXL 6718UK pressing.EX+/NM.£5.00
Ashkenazy.Rachmaninov "The Bells".414 455-1
Ashkenazy.Rachmaninov "The Bells".414 455-11986 Dutch pressed digital.EX+/NM.£9.00
Atherton,Luxon.Weill "Mahogany Songspiel".2470 153
Atherton,Luxon.Weill "Mahogany Songspiel".2470 1533 LP box set.UK pressing.EX+/NM.£8.00
Atherton,Thomas.Schoenberg "Pierrot Lunaire".SDD 520
Atherton,Thomas.Schoenberg "Pierrot Lunaire".SDD 520UK original issue.TAS listed.EX+/NM.£8.00
Atherton.Tippett "King Priam".D 246D 3
Atherton.Tippett "King Priam".D 246D 33 LP box set.1981 Dutch digital.EX+/NM. £7.00
Baker,Barbirolli.Ravel "Sheherezade".ASD 2444
Baker,Barbirolli.Ravel "Sheherezade".ASD 2444

1968 first edition.EX+/NM. 

Baker."French Songs".SOL 298
Baker."French Songs".SOL 298Early UK pressing.Includes works by Ravel and Chausson.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00

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