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Please note that there is only one copy of each item. Order of grading = Cover/Vinyl.

Haendel."Famous Violin Compositions".SUA ST 50465
Haendel."Famous Violin Compositions".SUA ST 50465Second label.EX/EX+.£25.00
Harrell,Levine.Beethoven "The Five Sonatas".RL 02241(2)
Harrell,Levine.Beethoven "The Five Sonatas".RL 02241(2)2 LP box set.Italian RCA issue.EX+/NM.£8.00
Heifetz,Bay.Beethoven Sonatas 4 & 7.LM 1842
Heifetz,Bay.Beethoven Sonatas 4 & 7.LM 1842US original.Mono only.EX/EX+.£6.00
Heifetz,Bubinstein,Feuermann.Beethoven "Archduke".GL85244
Heifetz,Bubinstein,Feuermann.Beethoven "Archduke".GL852441941 recording.EX/NM.£4.00
Heifetz,Piatgorsky,Pennario.Dvorak "Trio".76421
Heifetz,Piatgorsky,Pennario.Dvorak "Trio".764211976 gatefold.Original UK CBS.Review copy.EX/EX+.One very minor NSM.Plays NM.£7.00
Heifetz,Primrose,Paitgorsky.Schubert Trio.LSC 2563
Heifetz,Primrose,Paitgorsky.Schubert Trio.LSC 2563

Later US "Dyanflex" pressing.NM/NM.Near new.

Heifetz,Primrose,Piatgorsky.Beethoven Trio.LSC 2563
Heifetz,Primrose,Piatgorsky.Beethoven Trio.LSC 2563US original.1S/1S.EX/EX.Decent copy with vinyl a strong EX with a few minor marks only.£12.00
Heifetz,Primrose,Piatigorsky.Beethoven Trios.LM 2166 RE
Heifetz,Primrose,Piatigorsky.Beethoven Trios.LM 2166 REUS mono original.EX/EX+.£6.00
Heifetz,Rubinstein,Piatgorsky.Ravel Trio.LM 119
Heifetz,Rubinstein,Piatgorsky.Ravel Trio.LM 119Italian RCA reissue.EX+/EX+.£4.00
Heifetz."The Young Heifetz".Everest 3326
Heifetz."The Young Heifetz".Everest 3326Electronic stereo.EX+/NM.£4.00
Heifetz.Beethoven Piano Trio No 1.LSC 2270
Heifetz.Beethoven Piano Trio No 1.LSC 2270

Later US "Dynaflex" pressing.NM/NM.

Hess,Tortelier etc.Schumann Qnt.ABL 3184
Hess,Tortelier etc.Schumann Qnt.ABL 3184UK mono only original.EX+/NM.Very fine condition.£12.00
Heutling Qt.Mozart Qts Vol 1,2,3.HQS 1120,28,35
Heutling Qt.Mozart Qts Vol 1,2,3.HQS 1120,28,353 LP's.All first labels.EX+/NM.£14.00
Hollywood Qt."The Legendary".RLS 765
Hollywood Qt."The Legendary".RLS 7653 LP box set.Mono only recordings.EX+/NM.£20.00
Hollywood Qt.Brahms Qt No 2.CTL 7021
Hollywood Qt.Brahms Qt No 2.CTL 7021Original label issue with thick vinyl.VG+/EX.£5.00
Hollywood Qt.Schubert Qnt.CTL 7011
Hollywood Qt.Schubert Qnt.CTL 7011Mono only green label.BBC "Building a Library" first choice.EX/EX+.Has lost some laminate otherwise very nice.£6.00
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "Rasoumovsky Op 59".HQS 1159
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "Rasoumovsky Op 59".HQS 1159Second label but still early copy with flipback cover.NM/NM.£5.00
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "Rasoumovsky Op 95". HQS 1160
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "Rasoumovsky Op 95". HQS 1160Second label.Still an early one with flipback.NM/NM.£5.00
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "Rasoumovsky".HQS 1161
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "Rasoumovsky".HQS 1161Original label with flipback cover.EX/NM.£5.00
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "The Middle Qts".HQS 1159-61
Hungarian Qt.Beethoven "The Middle Qts".HQS 1159-613 LP's making the set.All with "flipback" covers.EX+/NM.£14.00

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