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Order of grading  = Cover/Vinyl.                                                             Discounts may be available.........Feel free to make enquiries.                   

Black.Grofe "Grand Canyon Suite".PFS 4036
Black.Grofe "Grand Canyon Suite".PFS 4036UK pressing.EX+/NM.£4.00
Boulez.Boulez "le Soleil Des Eaux".ASD 639
Boulez.Boulez "le Soleil Des Eaux".ASD 639

S/C first label.With other works conducted by Dorati and Messiaen.EX/NM. 

Boult.Franck Symphony.RCA Gold Seal GL25004
Boult.Franck Symphony.RCA Gold Seal GL25004Released 1978.K.Wilkinson is the engineer.EX/NM.A little fading to cover. £4.00
Boult.Prokofiev "Lt Kije".LXT 5119
Boult.Prokofiev "Lt Kije".LXT 5119Mono only original.Orange/gold label.Rare.EX+/EX+.£8.00
Branca.Symphony No 6.BFFP 39
Branca.Symphony No 6.BFFP 39Issued 1989 on "Blast First".Interesting one this.Symphony played by bass,drums and many guitars.EX/NM.£8.00
Bream,Previn.Villa-Lobos Concerto.SB 6852
Bream,Previn.Villa-Lobos Concerto.SB 6852Original 1972 UK RCA.Grammy award winner.EX/EX+.£4.00
Britten,Pears.Britten "Cantata Academica".SOL 60037
Britten,Pears.Britten "Cantata Academica".SOL 60037Grooved first label.EX+/NM.£6.00
Brown,Del Mar.Blake Concerto.ZRG 922
Brown,Del Mar.Blake Concerto.ZRG 922Original UK Argo.Rare.EX+/NM.£8.00
Byrns,LACS.Honegger"Concerto Da Camera".CTL 7007
Byrns,LACS.Honegger"Concerto Da Camera".CTL 7007Original UK mono only.Rare.EX+/NM.£3.00
Capolongo.Villa-Lobos "Bachianas Brasilieras".ASD 2994
Capolongo.Villa-Lobos "Bachianas Brasilieras".ASD 2994First label.EX+/NM. £4.00
Cohen,Batiz.Rodrigo "Concierto En Modo".ASD 4198
Cohen,Batiz.Rodrigo "Concierto En Modo".ASD 4198First label.EX/NM.£4.00
Collard,Maazel.Ravel "The 2 Piano Concertos".ASD 3845
Collard,Maazel.Ravel "The 2 Piano Concertos".ASD 3845First label.EX+/NM.£5.00
Davis.Stravinsky "Dumbarton Oaks".SOL 60050
Davis.Stravinsky "Dumbarton Oaks".SOL 60050Original grooved label.EX/EX+.Cover a bit discoloured.Vinyl looks good.£8.00
Davis.Tippett 2nd Symphony.Argo ZRG 535
Davis.Tippett 2nd Symphony.Argo ZRG 535Original 1967 grooved label "Argo".EX+/NM. £4.00
De Burgos.Ravel "Daphnis Et Chloe".ASD 2355
De Burgos.Ravel "Daphnis Et Chloe".ASD 2355

Coloured stamp second label.EX+/NM. 

De La Fuente."Mexican Rhapsody".CLP 1193
De La Fuente."Mexican Rhapsody".CLP 1193Mono only original with "scalloped" flipback's.EX+/EX+.£6.00
De Leeuw.Antheil "A Jazz Symphony".6514 254
De Leeuw.Antheil "A Jazz Symphony".6514 2541982 Dutch pressing.EX+/NM.£8.00
Dorati,LSO.Sibelius "Luonnotar".ASD 2486
Dorati,LSO.Sibelius "Luonnotar".ASD 2486

Original coloured stamp label.TAS listed.EX/NM.

Dorati."Orchestral Works Of Kodaly".SXLM 6665-7
Dorati."Orchestral Works Of Kodaly".SXLM 6665-7

English 3 LP box set.Black and silver narrow band label.Original 1974 issue.EX+/NM. 

Dorati.Stravinsky "Rite Of Spring".SXDL 7548
Dorati.Stravinsky "Rite Of Spring".SXDL 7548

1982 Dutch digital.EX/EX+.


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