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Postage/Shipping = Usually the first 1 to 3 records are charged at the same  price.                               PI = Period Instrument Performance.

Melkus,Stadlmair.Vivaldi "Concertos For Wind".2533 044
Melkus,Stadlmair.Vivaldi "Concertos For Wind".2533 044PI. German triple gatefold.EX/NM.£5.00
Menuhin,Ferras.Bach "Double Concerto".ASD 346
Menuhin,Ferras.Bach "Double Concerto".ASD 346

W/G label original.EX/EX+.One tiny NSM.

Menuhin,Goosens.Bach,Vivaldi & Handel Concertos.ASD 500
Menuhin,Goosens.Bach,Vivaldi & Handel Concertos.ASD 500S/C second label.EX+/NM.£5.00
Menuhin.Brandenburg Concertos 1-6.ASD 327-8
Menuhin.Brandenburg Concertos 1-6.ASD 327-8

 2 LP set.Original W/G label's.EX/EX.A few light scuffs only.

Meyer,Nicole.Bach "Concerto For Two Violins".FDY 2084
Meyer,Nicole.Bach "Concerto For Two Violins".FDY 2084UK "Arc" mono only issue with Pierre Meyer.EX/EX.Couple of minor marks.£5.00
Muller,Wenzinger.Handel Concerti.198 410
Muller,Wenzinger.Handel Concerti.198 410PI. German triple gatefold.EX/NM.£5.00
Muller-Bruhl.CPE Bach "Concerto For Organ".VMS 2044
Muller-Bruhl.CPE Bach "Concerto For Organ".VMS 20441975 Schwann.EX/NM.£4.00
Munchinger.Bach "Brandenburg Concertos".LXT 5198/99
Munchinger.Bach "Brandenburg Concertos".LXT 5198/992 LP set.Mono only original labels.EX+/EX+.£6.00
Munchinger.Bach "Brandenburgs 1 & 5".LXT 2540
Munchinger.Bach "Brandenburgs 1 & 5".LXT 2540Orange/gold mono only issue.EX/EX+.£5.00
Munchinger.Pergolesi "Concerti Armonico".SXL 6102
Munchinger.Pergolesi "Concerti Armonico".SXL 6102ED1 "original recording by".EX/EX.Decent vinyl with just some light paper scuffs.£10.00
Musica Antiqua Koln.Vivaldi "Concerti Da Camera".2533 463
Musica Antiqua Koln.Vivaldi "Concerti Da Camera".2533 463

PI. 1981 German gatefold issue.EX+/NM.

Oistrakh,Konwitschny.Vivaldi Concerto.DGM 18393
Oistrakh,Konwitschny.Vivaldi Concerto.DGM 18393Original German "Alle Hersteller" label's.Mono only.NM/NM.Lovely copy.£16.00
Oistrakh.Bach Brandenburgs 3&4.MK 4433
Oistrakh.Bach Brandenburgs 3&4.MK 4433Early 10inch MK.Chamber orchestra led by R.Barshai.Soloist D.Oistrakh.Unusual one for Oistrakh collectors,text in Russian.VG/VG+. £4.00
Pinnock,Preston.Handel Concertos Opus 7.413 468-1
Pinnock,Preston.Handel Concertos Opus 7.413 468-1PI. 2 LP gatefold.1984 German digital.NM/NM.£6.00
Pinnock.Vivaldi "Alla Rustica".415 674-1
Pinnock.Vivaldi "Alla Rustica".415 674-1PI. 1986 German gatefold.EX+/NM.£5.00
Preston.Vivaldi "Six Flute Concertos".DSLO 519
Preston.Vivaldi "Six Flute Concertos".DSLO 519PI. New Zealand copy.EX+/NM.£4.00
Puyana,Galvez.Bach "Concerto A Duoi".838 411 AY
Puyana,Galvez.Bach "Concerto A Duoi".838 411 AY"Hi-Fi Stereo".EX+/NM.£20.00
Redel,Stadlmair.Haydn Concerto.136 004
Redel,Stadlmair.Haydn Concerto.136 004Red stereo logo."Alle Hersteller" labels.EX/NM.£18.00
Richter.Bach "Brandenburg Concertos".2708 013
Richter.Bach "Brandenburg Concertos".2708 013

PI. 3 LP box set.Original 1970's UK issue.NM/NM. 

Richter.Handel Concertos Vol 3.SXL 2187
Richter.Handel Concertos Vol 3.SXL 2187ED1 "original recording by".Scalloped flipback cover.EX+/NM.£23.00

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