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Please note that there is only one copy of each record.                                             Records purchased are usually cleaned for free (subject to constraints).

Bohm.Beethoven Symphony No 9.2707 073
Bohm.Beethoven Symphony No 9.2707 0731974 German gatefold.EX+/NM.£6.00
Bohm.Beethoven Symphony No 9.2741 009
Bohm.Beethoven Symphony No 9.2741 0092 LP box set.German digital.EX+/NM.£7.00
Bohm.Mozart Serenades.2530 136
Bohm.Mozart Serenades.2530 1361970's German original.EX+/NM.£6.00
Bohm.Mozart Various Symphonies.138 112,815,160
Bohm.Mozart Various Symphonies.138 112,815,1603 seperate LP's.All later (but nice German) pressings.EX+/NM.£9.00
Boskovsky."New Years Concert".SXL 6740
Boskovsky."New Years Concert".SXL 6740UK original.EX/NM.£4.00
Boskovsky."Overtures Of Old Vienna".SXL 6383
Boskovsky."Overtures Of Old Vienna".SXL 6383

Original ED3 label.NM/NM.

Boskovsky."Vienna Carnival".SXL 2165
Boskovsky."Vienna Carnival".SXL 2165ED3 wideband.EX+/NM.£6.00
Boskovsky.Mozart "Dances & Marches".D 121D 10
Boskovsky.Mozart "Dances & Marches".D 121D 1010 LP box set.UK pressing.The complete oeuvre.EX+/NM.£25.00
Boskovsky.Mozart Dances Vol 10.SXL 6275
Boskovsky.Mozart Dances Vol 10.SXL 6275UK narrow band.EX/NM.£8.00
Boult.Brahms "Four Symphonies".SLS 5009
Boult.Brahms "Four Symphonies".SLS 50094 LP box set.All B/W stamp label's.EX/NM.£20.00
Boult.Schubert "Great C Major".ASD 2856
Boult.Schubert "Great C Major".ASD 2856B/W stamp original label.EX/NM.£5.00
Britten.Mozart Symphony No 40.CS 6598
Britten.Mozart Symphony No 40.CS 6598Original US issue (with UK pressed vinyl) of UK SXL 6372.NM/NM.£12.00
Cantelli.Mendelssohn "Italian".ALP 1325
Cantelli.Mendelssohn "Italian".ALP 1325First label.Mono only.EX+/EX+.£4.00
Cantelli.Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5.ALP 1001
Cantelli.Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5.ALP 1001Early pressing.Mono only.EX/EX+.£5.00
Cluytens.Beethoven Symphony No 7.CFP 40018
Cluytens.Beethoven Symphony No 7.CFP 40018Re-issue of a Classic recording.EX+/NM.£5.00
Cluytens.Beethoven Synphonies 5 & 8.SXLP 30081
Cluytens.Beethoven Synphonies 5 & 8.SXLP 300815th Symphony is Re-issue of ASD 267.With the 8th Symphony this record is it's first release.Nice early one too with thick vinyl and flipback cover.£12.00
Cluytens.Bizet "Carmen Suite".CFP 40283
Cluytens.Bizet "Carmen Suite".CFP 40283Re-issue of a Classic recording.EX+/NM.£4.00
Collegium Pragense.Gounod "Petite Symphonie".1411 2844 QG
Collegium Pragense.Gounod "Petite Symphonie".1411 2844 QG1981 stereo/quad.NM/NM.£3.00
De Burgos.Albeniz "Suite Espanola".WRC S/5428
De Burgos.Albeniz "Suite Espanola".WRC S/5428Australian WRC.NM/NM.£4.00
De Sabata.Beethoven "Eroica".rs62022
De Sabata.Beethoven "Eroica".rs620222 LP gatefold.1940's recordings.EX/NM.£6.00

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