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A full refund on bought items is given if dissatisfied.                                All the items on this website are vinyl LP's.

Arrau.Beethoven "Waldstein".33CX 1513
Arrau.Beethoven "Waldstein".33CX 1513Mono only original.Fully laminated and scalloped flipback cover.EX+/EX+.£20.00
Backhaus.Beethoven "Diabelli Variations".LXT 6014
Backhaus.Beethoven "Diabelli Variations".LXT 6014Original mono only grooved label issue.No SXL of this one.Rare.EX+/NM.£24.00
Barenboim.Beethoven "Les Adieux". HQS 1088
Barenboim.Beethoven "Les Adieux". HQS 1088First label.Flipback cover.EX+/NM.One corner crease.Otherwise superb condition.£8.00
Barere."Complete HMV Recordings 1934-6".APR 7001
Barere."Complete HMV Recordings 1934-6".APR 70012 LP gatefold.EX/NM.£6.00
Bolet.Liszt "Annees De Peligrinage - Suisse".410 160-1
Bolet.Liszt "Annees De Peligrinage - Suisse".410 160-11984 Dutch digital.NM/NM.£6.00
Bolet.Liszt "Piano Works".SXDL 7596
Bolet.Liszt "Piano Works".SXDL 75961983 Dutch digital.EX+/NM.£6.00
Bonn,Ratcliff."Historic Instruments".P 108
Bonn,Ratcliff."Historic Instruments".P 108"Pleiades" label.Played on instruments from the Colt collection in Kent.EX+/NM.£4.00
Cziffra.Schumann "Carnival".ALP 1840
Cziffra.Schumann "Carnival".ALP 1840Mono only 1961 original.EX+/NM.£50.00
Daniela,Gililov.Weber "Piano Duets".PRE 68526 AUL
Daniela,Gililov.Weber "Piano Duets".PRE 68526 AUL1985 "Aulos" digital.EX/NM.£5.00
Davis.Gottschalk "Great,Galloping".SXL 6725
Davis.Gottschalk "Great,Galloping".SXL 6725UK pressing.EX+/NM.£5.00
De Pachmann."Performs In 1906".667 (811325)
De Pachmann."Performs In 1906".667 (811325)1 LP box set."Welte Legacy" archive recording.EX+/NM.£8.00
Del Pueyo.Granados "Danzas Espanolas".A 00388
Del Pueyo.Granados "Danzas Espanolas".A 00388Dutch pressed mono only original.EX+/NM.£12.00
Elinson.Brahms Variations.GSGC 4018
Elinson.Brahms Variations.GSGC 4018Original "Pye" issue.EX+/NM.£5.00
Eschenbach,Frantz.Mozart "Music For Piano Duet".2740 258
Eschenbach,Frantz.Mozart "Music For Piano Duet".2740 2583 LP box set.German original.EX+/NM.£8.00
Eschenbach.Chopin "Preludes".2530 231
Eschenbach.Chopin "Preludes".2530 231Original UK issue.EX+/NM.£10.00
Eschenbach.Mozart Sonata K 310.2530 234
Eschenbach.Mozart Sonata K 310.2530 2341971 German original.EX+/NM.£5.00
Falkner.Rachmaninov "7 Preludes".VMS 1047
Falkner.Rachmaninov "7 Preludes".VMS 10471985 Schwann.EX/NM.£4.00
Firkusny.Schumann "Davidsbundler".P8337
Firkusny.Schumann "Davidsbundler".P8337UK Capitol from 1958.Mono only.EX/EX+.£5.00
Francois.Chopin Etudes.CFP 40050
HIDDEN Francois.Chopin Etudes.CFP 40050One of the rarer CFP's.NM/EX+.OUT OF STOCK
Friedman."Piano Recital".Opal 802/3
Friedman."Piano Recital".Opal 802/32 LP gatefold.Historic recordings.NM/NM.£5.00

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