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A full refund on bought items is given if dissatisfied.                                All the items on this website are vinyl LP's.

Hess."Request Programme".BLP 1103
Hess."Request Programme".BLP 1103

Mono only 10 inch original.Fully laminated sleeve type.EX+/NM.Fine condition.

Hofmann."Concert".Everest X-905
Hofmann."Concert".Everest X-905Recordings made from Duo-Art piano rolls.NM/NM.£4.00
Hofmann."Performs In 1913".ALBUM 683
Hofmann."Performs In 1913".ALBUM 683Piano rolls recording.EX/EX+.£4.00
Horowitz."Recital".EMI "References".PM 322
Horowitz."Recital".EMI "References".PM 322

Pathe Marconi original.NM/NM. 

Horowitz."The Concerts 1975/76".ARL1 1766
Horowitz."The Concerts 1975/76".ARL1 17661976 UK pressing.NM/NM.£4.00
Horszowski.Beethoven "Hammerklavier".PL 6750
Horszowski.Beethoven "Hammerklavier".PL 6750Original US mono only "Vox".EX+/EX.A few light scuffs.£5.00
Howard.Liszt Sonatas 1 & 3.A66017
Howard.Liszt Sonatas 1 & 3.A660171980 Hyperion.EX+/NM.£5.00
Katchen."Encores".SXL 2293
Katchen."Encores".SXL 2293

ED "original recording by".6W/1E matrices.EX/EX.A few minor paper scuffs.A few light tics at start of side two.

Katchen.Schumann "Fantasia".LXT 5438
Katchen.Schumann "Fantasia".LXT 5438Orange/silver first label.Mono only.EX/NM.Cover a strong EX.£12.00
Katsaris,Ormandy.Liszt Concerto (Hungarian).ASD 4258
Katsaris,Ormandy.Liszt Concerto (Hungarian).ASD 42581982 digital original.First recording of "lost" concerto.EX+/NM.£8.00
Kempff.Beethoven "Waldstein".139 301
Kempff.Beethoven "Waldstein".139 301German tulips original.EX+/EX+.£5.00
Kempff.Schubert Sonata D.840.139 322
Kempff.Schubert Sonata D.840.139 322German second label.EX+/NM.£3.00
Kempff.Schumann "Fantasie".LPM 18461
Kempff.Schumann "Fantasie".LPM 18461Mono only German original."Alle Hersteller".EX+/NM.£4.00
Klien.Brahms "Variations On A Theme Of Handel".TV 34165S
Klien.Brahms "Variations On A Theme Of Handel".TV 34165S1969 UK Vox.EX+/NM.£4.00
Krumbach.Reger "Diegroben Choral-Fantasien".86 489 XIK
Krumbach.Reger "Diegroben Choral-Fantasien".86 489 XIK

4 LP box set.German "Eurodisc".Organ works.EX/NM.

Lipatti."His Last Recital".RLS 761
Lipatti."His Last Recital".RLS 7612 LP mono only historic recording.EX+/NM.£10.00
Lipatti."The Art Of".RLS 749
Lipatti."The Art Of".RLS 749

HMV "Treasury" issue 4 LP box set.Original brown label's.Mono only.NM/NM.

Lipatti.Chopin "Waltzes". 33CX 1032
Lipatti.Chopin "Waltzes". 33CX 1032Mono only original.EX/EX.A couple of light scuffs only.£5.00
Lipatti.Chopin "Waltzes".33CX 1032
Lipatti.Chopin "Waltzes".33CX 1032Original mono only issue.EX/NM.Cover neatly taped.Fine vinyl.£5.00
Magaloff.Granados "Goyescas".LXT 2900
Magaloff.Granados "Goyescas".LXT 2900Original issue.Mono only.EX/EX.A couple of minor marks.£15.00

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