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Records in this category are "the best of the best" when it comes to pre-owned items.Most of them have been played just once ,if at all.Their cover's and label's are pristine and like new.These LP's should satisfy the most discerning listener and Hi-Fi system.

Solomon.Beethoven "Emperor".ALP 1300
Solomon.Beethoven "Emperor".ALP 1300Mono only original issue.NM/NM.Like new.£18.00
Solomon.Schumann Concerto.EMX 2002
Solomon.Schumann Concerto.EMX 2002CFP re-issue.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00
Solti,Pavarotti.Verdi "Requiem".SET 374-5
Solti,Pavarotti.Verdi "Requiem".SET 374-52 LP box set.Dutch pressing.EX+/NM.£7.00
Solti.Schubert Symphony No 9.SXDL 7557
Solti.Schubert Symphony No 9.SXDL 75571982 Dutch digital.NM/NM.Like new.£12.00
Souzay.Ravel "Cinq Melodies".6527 154
Souzay.Ravel "Cinq Melodies".6527 1541982 Dutch pressing.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
Spelina,Novotny.Hindemith Sonatas.1 11 2271/2
Spelina,Novotny.Hindemith Sonatas.1 11 2271/22 LP gatefold.1978 Czech "Supraphon".NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
St Michaels Singers."Hierusalem".A66150
St Michaels Singers."Hierusalem".A661501984 Hyperion.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
Stokowski."Plays Bach".DA 9001
Stokowski."Plays Bach".DA 90011920's recordings.NM/NM.Near new.£6.00
Stott.Lloyd Concerto No 4.CFRA 119
Stott.Lloyd Concerto No 4.CFRA 1191984 Conifer.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00
Suk Qt,Spelina.1 11 2128
Suk Qt,Spelina.1 11 21281977 original.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
Suk,Katchen.Brahms Sonatas.SDD 542
Suk,Katchen.Brahms Sonatas.SDD 5421979 UK reissue.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
Sutherland,Pavarotti.Bellini "Norma".414 476-1
Sutherland,Pavarotti.Bellini "Norma".414 476-13 LP box set.Digital.Mint still fully sealed and unopened.£20.00
Szell.Walton Symphony No 2.61087
Szell.Walton Symphony No 2.61087UK re-issue.EX/NM.£4.00
Szeryng.Beethoven Concerto.CC 7568
Szeryng.Beethoven Concerto.CC 75681982 re-issue.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00
Tear,Davies.Delius "A Village Romeo & Juliet".EM 29 04043
Tear,Davies.Delius "A Village Romeo & Juliet".EM 29 040432 LP gatefold.1980's reissue.Bishop/Parker production.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
Tear,Walker.Seiber "Four French Songs".ZK 39
Tear,Walker.Seiber "Four French Songs".ZK 39UK original.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00
Temple."All In The April Evening".A66064
Temple."All In The April Evening".A660641982 Hyperion.NM/NM.Like new.£5.00
Tertis.Bax Sonata For Violin & Piano.GEMM 201
Tertis.Bax Sonata For Violin & Piano.GEMM 201

With Bax on piano in the Sonata.NM/NM.Like new.

Thomson,BSO.Elgar "Miniatures".CBR 1016
Thomson,BSO.Elgar "Miniatures".CBR 1016Digital remaster.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00
Thomson.Jones Symphony No 8.REGL 359
Thomson.Jones Symphony No 8.REGL 3591979 BBC records.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00

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