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In this particular category........Mono records which also have a stereo version too.

Goldberg,Primrose.Schubert "Trout".LM 2147
Goldberg,Primrose.Schubert "Trout".LM 2147Original US release.EX/EX+.£8.00
Hanson."Fiesta In Hi-Fi".MMA 11066
Hanson."Fiesta In Hi-Fi".MMA 11066Original label.TAS listed favourite.EX/NM.£20.00
Haskil,Markevitch.Beethoven Concerto No 3.ABL 3330
Haskil,Markevitch.Beethoven Concerto No 3.ABL 3330EX/EX+
I Musici.Albinoni Concertos.835 029 AY
I Musici.Albinoni Concertos.835 029 AYDutch "Hi-Fi Stereo".EX+/EX.Vinyl has one small mark near start of side one which gives just a few light tics.All else is really very fine.£25.00
Karajan."Ballet Music From The Operas".33CX 1774
Karajan."Ballet Music From The Operas".33CX 1774First issue.EX+/NM.One label has a small sticker. £7.00
Karajan.Bizet "L'Arlesienne".33CX  1608
Karajan.Bizet "L'Arlesienne".33CX 1608Original first issue.EX+/NM.£8.00
Karajan.Sibelius 5th Symphony.33CX 1750
Karajan.Sibelius 5th Symphony.33CX 1750

First label.EX/NM.

Kempe."Music From Bohemia".ALP 1880
Kempe."Music From Bohemia".ALP 1880

First edition mono of ASD 449.EX/EX.Few light marks.

Kempe.Schubert "Music To Rosamunde".ALP 1910First label.EX/EX+.£5.00
Kempff.Beethoven Concerto No 1.LPM 18774
Kempff.Beethoven Concerto No 1.LPM 18774"Alle Hersteller" label.EX/NM.£5.00
Klemperer.Brahms Symphony No 3.33CX 1536
Klemperer.Brahms Symphony No 3.33CX 1536Original issue.EX+/NM.£12.00
Klemperer.Mozart "Don Giovanni".AN 172-5
Klemperer.Mozart "Don Giovanni".AN 172-54 LP Box Set.Original labels.EX+/EX+.Nice copy.£12.00
Klemperer.Mozart Symphonies 40 & 41.33CX 1843
Klemperer.Mozart Symphonies 40 & 41.33CX 1843

Mono of SAX 2486.EX+/EX+.One light scuff.

Krenn,Moore.Schubert "18 Songs".LXT 6347
Krenn,Moore.Schubert "18 Songs".LXT 6347

Original mono issue.EX+/NM.

Krips.Schubert Symphony in C Major.LXT 5471
Krips.Schubert Symphony in C Major.LXT 5471First label.EX+/EX+.£6.00
Kubelik.Bartok "Concerto For Orchestra".ALP 1744
Kubelik.Bartok "Concerto For Orchestra".ALP 1744Early original.EX/EX+.£6.00
Kubelik.Beethoven "Pastorale".ALP 1771
Kubelik.Beethoven "Pastorale".ALP 1771First label.Stereo is ASD 349.Early "factory sample" copy.EX+/NM.£18.00
Kubelik.Dvorak "New World".LXT 5291
Kubelik.Dvorak "New World".LXT 5291Original mono version with different cover.Stereo of SXL 2005.EX+/EX+.£5.00
Lanchberry."La Fille Mal Gardee".LXT 5682
Lanchberry."La Fille Mal Gardee".LXT 5682

Original grooved label.EX/EX+.Few light scuffs only.

Martinon.Adam "Giselle".LXT 5515
Martinon.Adam "Giselle".LXT 5515Original issue.EX+/NM.£9.00

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