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Order of grading = Cover/Vinyl.

Sutherland,Bonynge.Thomas "Hamlet".410 184-1
Sutherland,Bonynge.Thomas "Hamlet".410 184-13 LP box set.Dutch digital.EX+/NM.£8.00
Sutherland,Boult.Handel "Messiah".SET 218-20
Sutherland,Boult.Handel "Messiah".SET 218-203 LP box set.ED1 "original recording by" label's.Rare.EX+/EX+.£20.00
Svetlanov.Rachmaninov Symphony No 1.ASD 2471
Svetlanov.Rachmaninov Symphony No 1.ASD 2471Original issue with flipback.EX/EX+.£5.00
Szell.Brahms Symphony No 3.LXT 2676
Szell.Brahms Symphony No 3.LXT 2676First label.EX/EX.£10.00
Szell.Walton Symphony No 2.61087
Szell.Walton Symphony No 2.61087UK re-issue.EX/NM.£4.00
Szeryng."Plays Kreisler".6833 164
Szeryng."Plays Kreisler".6833 1641980's UK re-issue.EX+/NM.£5.00
Szeryng.Bartok Rhapsody No 1.6500 021
Szeryng.Bartok Rhapsody No 1.6500 021UK original.EX/NM.£4.00
Szeryng.Beethoven Concerto.CC 7568
Szeryng.Beethoven Concerto.CC 75681982 re-issue.NM/NM.Like new.£4.00
Tatrai Qt.Beethoven Qt Opus 76.479 008
Tatrai Qt.Beethoven Qt Opus 76.479 008Original German mono only issue.EX/NM.£8.00
Te Kanawa.Mozart "Concert Arias".SXL 6999
Te Kanawa.Mozart "Concert Arias".SXL 69991982 Dutch pressing.EX+/NM.£4.00
Tennstedt,LPO.Mahler Symphony No 5.SLS 5169
Tennstedt,LPO.Mahler Symphony No 5.SLS 51692 LP gatefold.B/W stamp original labels.NNM/NM.Like new.£23.00
Tennstedt.Mahler Symphony No 9.SLS 5188
Tennstedt.Mahler Symphony No 9.SLS 51882 LP gatefold.Original coloured stamp labels.NM/NM.Like new.£23.00
Thomas.Bach "Well Tempered Clavier" Book 1.PSY 4/5
Thomas.Bach "Well Tempered Clavier" Book 1.PSY 4/52 LP textured gatefold."Psyche" records 1984.Very fine issue with Michael Thomas playing the Clavichord.EX/EX.Vinyl a strong EX.EX library copy with some stickers.£4.00
Thomson.Bax "Tintagel". ABRD 1091
Thomson.Bax "Tintagel". ABRD 10911983 digital gatefold.EX+/NM.£4.00
Tortelier,Boult.Elgar Concerto.ASD 2906
Tortelier,Boult.Elgar Concerto.ASD 2906

UK first label.EX/NM.

Tortelier,Menges.Saint-Saens Concerto No 1.ALP 1336
Tortelier,Menges.Saint-Saens Concerto No 1.ALP 1336UK original.Mono only.EX+/NM.£26.00
Tortelier.Dvorak Concerto.ALP 1306
Tortelier.Dvorak Concerto.ALP 1306Mono only first label.Scalloped flipbacks.EX/EX+.£9.00
Tortelier.Tchaikovsky "Rococo Variations".ASD 2954
Tortelier.Tchaikovsky "Rococo Variations".ASD 2954

Second label.EX+/NM.

Toscanini.Beethoven Symphony No 9.ALP 1039-40
Toscanini.Beethoven Symphony No 9.ALP 1039-402 LP set.Very early original.EX+/EX+.Fine condition.£14.00
Toscanini.Schubert Symphony No 9.RB 16079
Toscanini.Schubert Symphony No 9.RB 16079Mono only UK first label..EX/EX+.£4.00

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