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Order of grading = Cover/Vinyl.

Fischer-Dieskau,Engel.Schubert "Lieder Recital No 3".ALP 1767
Fischer-Dieskau,Engel.Schubert "Lieder Recital No 3".ALP 1767Original label."Art of Record Buying" top choice.EX+/NM.£8.00
Fischer-Dieskau,Furtwangler.Mahler "Lieder Eines".ALP 1270.
Fischer-Dieskau,Furtwangler.Mahler "Lieder Eines".ALP 1270.Mono only original.EX/NM.£8.00
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore."The Songs Of Richard Strauss".SLS 792
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore."The Songs Of Richard Strauss".SLS 7926 LP box set.Original coloured stamp labels.EX+/NM.Superb example.£25.00
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore.Faure "La Bonne Chanson".BLP 1106
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore.Faure "La Bonne Chanson".BLP 110610 inch original.EX+/NM.Nice little record.£5.00
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore.Schubert "Heine Songs".ALP 1066
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore.Schubert "Heine Songs".ALP 1066Mono only original.EX/EX+.£5.00
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore.Schubert "Wintereisse".ALP 1298/9
Fischer-Dieskau,Moore.Schubert "Wintereisse".ALP 1298/9

2 LP set.Original mono only issue.EX/NM.

Fischer-Dieskau."Flying Dutchman".ASD 556
Fischer-Dieskau."Flying Dutchman".ASD 556Original label.EX/NM.£25.00
Flagstad,Furtwangler.Wagner "Tristan".HQM 1235
Flagstad,Furtwangler.Wagner "Tristan".HQM 1235Early re-issue.EX+/NM.£5.00
Flagstad.Bach,Handel "Recital".LXT 5316
Flagstad.Bach,Handel "Recital".LXT 5316Mono only original.EX/EX+.£12.00
Flagstad.Schubert Lieder.LXT 5263
Flagstad.Schubert Lieder.LXT 5263Mono only original label.EX/EX.Some light paper scuffs only.£8.00
Forster.Bach Cantatas 211 & 212.ALP 1888
Forster.Bach Cantatas 211 & 212.ALP 1888Original label.EX/NM.£4.00
Foster,Baker.Walton "Troilus & Cressida".SLS 997
Foster,Baker.Walton "Troilus & Cressida".SLS 9973 LP box set.Original issue.EX+/NM.£7.00
Fournier,Oistrakh.Brahms "Double Concerto".SXLP 30185
Fournier,Oistrakh.Brahms "Double Concerto".SXLP 30185Classic re-issue.EX/EX+£4.00
Fournier.Vivaldi Concerto.ECS 548
Fournier.Vivaldi Concerto.ECS 548Electronic Stereo.EX+/NM.£3.00
Francois.Chopin Etudes.CFP 40050
Francois.Chopin Etudes.CFP 40050 HIDDENOne of the rarer CFP's.NM/EX+.OUT OF STOCK
Frandsen.Nielsen "Sinfonia Espansiva".NBR 6034
Frandsen.Nielsen "Sinfonia Espansiva".NBR 603410 inch mono only.EX+/NM.£5.00
Frank Perry."Atlantis".CEL 011
Frank Perry."Atlantis".CEL 0111983 "Celestial Harmonies" release.Frank Perry has played with lot's of great musicians including Derek Bailey and Evan Parker.This record recorded by Jon Hiseman.Back of LP cover inscribed be Perry.EX+/NM.£28.00
Freni,Pavarotti.Mascagni "L'Amico Fritz".SAN 242-3
Freni,Pavarotti.Mascagni "L'Amico Fritz".SAN 242-32 LP box set.Original issue.Quite a rare Pavarotti.EX/EX+.Labels have some faint numbers denoting which side.£12.00
Fricsay.Dvorak "New World".138 127
Fricsay.Dvorak "New World".138 127"Alle Hersteller" first label.Red stereo logo.VG+/EX+.Spine has some rubs.£75.00
Friend,Isador.Kreisler "Favourites".CFP 40278
Friend,Isador.Kreisler "Favourites".CFP 402781978 original issue.EX/EX+.£4.00

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