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Order of grading = Cover/Vinyl.

Furtwangler.Beethoven Symphony No 7.FALP 115
Furtwangler.Beethoven Symphony No 7.FALP 115French mono only original.VG/VG.Some damage to  cover.Nice vinyl over all but has pressing blister giving about 20 low tics.£23.00
Garaguly.Sibelius Symphonies 1 & 7.SFM 23000
Garaguly.Sibelius Symphonies 1 & 7.SFM 23000UK re-issue.EX+/NM.£4.00
Gieseking,Rosbaud.Mozart Concertos 20 & 25.33CX 1235
Gieseking,Rosbaud.Mozart Concertos 20 & 25.33CX 1235Mono only first label.EX+/EX+.A couple of wispy paper scuffs only.£9.00
Gieseking."Plays Debussy". 33CX 1098
Gieseking."Plays Debussy". 33CX 1098Mono only original.EX/EX.A couple of minor marks.£6.00
Gieseking."Plays Debussy". RLS 752
Gieseking."Plays Debussy". RLS 7522 LP gatefold.Mono only.NM/NM.£9.00
Gieseking.Beethoven Sonatas 12 & 15.33CX 1603
Gieseking.Beethoven Sonatas 12 & 15.33CX 1603Mono only (no stereo) first label.EX/EX+.£20.00
Gieseking.Mozart Piano Works Vol 11.33CX  1453
Gieseking.Mozart Piano Works Vol 11.33CX 1453Mono only original.EX/EX.A few minor NSM's.Still a nice one.£15.00
Gieseking.Schubert "Impromptus".Angel 35533
Gieseking.Schubert "Impromptus".Angel 35533USA Angel Mono only.EX/EX.£4.00
Gilels,Jochum.Brahms "The Concertos".2707 064
Gilels,Jochum.Brahms "The Concertos".2707 0642 LP box set.German pressing.EX+/NM. £7.00
Gilels.Beethoven "Hammerklavier".410 527-1
Gilels.Beethoven "Hammerklavier".410 527-1

Original German digital.EX+/NM.

Gilels.Schubert Sonata D 850.SB 6668
Gilels.Schubert Sonata D 850.SB 6668Grooved first label.An early Gilels record NM/NM.Superb condition.£26.00
Giulini.Cherubini Requiem.33CX 1975
Giulini.Cherubini Requiem.33CX 1975Mono only first pressing.EX/EX+.A rare one.£12.00
Goldberg.Haydn "La Roule".SFL 14039
Goldberg.Haydn "La Roule".SFL 14039UK "Fontana".EX/NM.£4.00
Goldberg.Mozart Symphonies 5,21,29.SFL 14073
Goldberg.Mozart Symphonies 5,21,29.SFL 14073

Szymon Goldberg conducting.EX+/NM.

Gould,Golschmann.Bach Concertos.60028
Gould,Golschmann.Bach Concertos.600281982 French CBS reissue.NM/NM£4.00
Gould,Susskind.Mozart Concerto No 24.60276
Gould,Susskind.Mozart Concerto No 24.602761983 Masterworks re-issue.EX+/NM.£4.00
Gould.Bach "Goldberg Variations".61571
Gould.Bach "Goldberg Variations".615711968 recording.Re-issued here1973.EX/NM.£5.00
Gould.Bach "Well Tempered Clavier Book II".78277
Gould.Bach "Well Tempered Clavier Book II".782772 LP UK gatefold.EX+/NM.£12.00
Gould.Bach "Goldberg Variations".D37779
Gould.Bach "Goldberg Variations".D377791982 CBS digital gatefold.EX/NM.£8.00
Gould.Beethoven Sonata No 6.72864
Gould.Beethoven Sonata No 6.72864UK original.EX+/EX+£8.00

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