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Fedoseyev.Rimsky-Korsakov "Snow maiden".C10 07371-78
Fedoseyev.Rimsky-Korsakov "Snow maiden".C10 07371-784 LP box set.Russian Melodiya.EX/EX+.£8.00
Fischer-Dieskau."Flying Dutchman".ASD 556
Fischer-Dieskau."Flying Dutchman".ASD 556Original label.EX/NM.£25.00
Flagstad,Furtwangler.Wagner "Tristan".HQM 1235
Flagstad,Furtwangler.Wagner "Tristan".HQM 1235Early re-issue.EX+/NM.£5.00
Foster,Baker.Walton "Troilus & Cressida".SLS 997
Foster,Baker.Walton "Troilus & Cressida".SLS 9973 LP box set.Original issue.EX+/NM.£7.00
Francis,Andrew.Donizetti "Gabriella Di Vergy".O3R
Francis,Andrew.Donizetti "Gabriella Di Vergy".O3R3 LP box set.UK "Opera Rara".EX/NM.£6.00
Freni,Pavarotti.Mascagni "L'Amico Fritz".SAN 242-3
Freni,Pavarotti.Mascagni "L'Amico Fritz".SAN 242-32 LP box set.Original issue.Quite a rare Pavarotti.EX/EX+.Labels have some faint numbers denoting which side.£12.00
Freni,Schippers.Puccini "La Boheme".SAN 131/2
Freni,Schippers.Puccini "La Boheme".SAN 131/22 LP box set.Third edition label's.EX+/NM.£7.00
Fulton,Kraus.Auber "La Muette De Portici".PM 625
Fulton,Kraus.Auber "La Muette De Portici".PM 6252 LP box set.1987 French digital EMI.NM/NM.£6.00
Furtwangler.Wagner "The Ring".940477
Furtwangler.Wagner "The Ring".94047711 LP box set.USA "Murray Hill" release.1950 La Scala recording.EX/EX+.Paper scuffs only.£23.00
Furtwangler.Wagner "The Ring".RLS 702
Furtwangler.Wagner "The Ring".RLS 70218 LP box set.Mono only 1951 recordings.Originally made by Radio Italia.EX/EX.£25.00
Gardelli,Tebaldi.Puccini "Il Trittico".SET 236/8
Gardelli,Tebaldi.Puccini "Il Trittico".SET 236/83 LP box set.Rare.ED3 "Wideband" labels.EX/NM.Fine vinyl.£20.00
Gardelli.Verdi."Force Of Destiny".SAN 280/3
Gardelli.Verdi."Force Of Destiny".SAN 280/3

With Arroyo and Bergonzi.4 LP box set.First edition with gold/black stamp labels.EX+/NM.

Gavazzeni,Caballe.Bellini "Il Pirata".SAN  276-8
Gavazzeni,Caballe.Bellini "Il Pirata".SAN 276-83 LP box set.1971 first label.Hard to find.EX+/NM.£24.00
Giulini,Mofffo.Mozart "The Marriage Of Figaro".SAX 2381/84
Giulini,Mofffo.Mozart "The Marriage Of Figaro".SAX 2381/844 LP box set.One LP B/S first label.The other three LP's have semi/circle second ed labels.
EX+.EX+.Nice condition except booklet is mottled.Has extra EMI libretto.
Goivaninetti,Kubiak.Goldmark "Die Konigin Von Saba".MRF 56 S
Goivaninetti,Kubiak.Goldmark "Die Konigin Von Saba".MRF 56 S3 LP box set.1970 Private record.EX+/NM.£6.00
Goodall.Wagner "Gotterdammerung".UNS 245/6
Goodall.Wagner "Gotterdammerung".UNS 245/6

2 LP gatefold.Original 1972 issue.EX/NM.

Gui,Alva.Rossini "The Barber Of Seville".SAN 114-6
Gui,Alva.Rossini "The Barber Of Seville".SAN 114-63 LP box set.White/Gold first edition label's.EX+/EX+.A few wispy scuffs only.£50.00
Hammond & Craig."Love Duets".ASD 384
Hammond & Craig."Love Duets".ASD 384W/G original label.EX/EX+.£20.00
Heger,Gedda.Flotow "Martha".SAN 246/8
Heger,Gedda.Flotow "Martha".SAN 246/8

3 LP original Gold/Black stamp label's.EX+/EX+.

Heger,Lehmann.Strauss "Der Rosenkavalier".SH 181/2
Heger,Lehmann.Strauss "Der Rosenkavalier".SH 181/2

2 LP gatefold "WRC" issue.1933 "abridged version".NM/NM.


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