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Please note that there is only one copy of each record.                                             Records purchased are usually cleaned for free (subject to constraints).

Mengleberg.Tchaikovsky 4th & 5th Symphonies.GEMM 212/3
Mengleberg.Tchaikovsky 4th & 5th Symphonies.GEMM 212/3

2 LP gatefold.Pearl re-issues.EX/NM.

Mitzelfeldt.Beethoven "Ode To Joy".RT 112
Mitzelfeldt.Beethoven "Ode To Joy".RT 112US MK "Direct to disc".EX+/EX+.£16.00
Monteux.Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 8.VICS 1148
Monteux.Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 8.VICS 1148Grooved label.Only UK issue of RCA US SB 2127.EX/EX+.20£20.00
Monteux.Beethoven Symphony No 2..VICS 1170
Monteux.Beethoven Symphony No 2..VICS 1170Grooved label.First release (not a re-issue).EX/NM.£20.00
Monteux.Mozart "Haffner".SMS 2359
Monteux.Mozart "Haffner".SMS 2359Original issue "Synchro Stereo".EX+/EX+.£4.00
Morris.Mahler Symphony No 5.SYMR 3/4
Morris.Mahler Symphony No 5.SYMR 3/42 LP gatefold "Symphonica" label.EX+/NM.£6.00
Mortimer,Massed Brass Bands."Sounding Brass".SKL 4056
Mortimer,Massed Brass Bands."Sounding Brass".SKL 4056ED1 "original recording by".EX+/EX+.One minor NSM.£6.00
Mortimer."Marching With".SCX 3520
Mortimer."Marching With".SCX 3520Original label.EX+/EX+.£5.00
Mravinsky,LPO.Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony.5289-56
Mravinsky,LPO.Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony.5289-56Early thick vinyl Russian "Melodiya".EX/EX.£15.00
Mravinsky.Symphonies 4, 5 & 6.2721 184
Mravinsky.Symphonies 4, 5 & 6.2721 1842 LP gatfold.UK press.EX+/NM.£8.00
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".104 431
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".104 431UK tulips.EX/EX+.£8.00
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".104431
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".104431Australian issue.EX+/NM.£8.00
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".DGM 18334
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".DGM 18334Original UK mono only gatefold.EX/NM.£10.00
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".LPM 18334
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".LPM 18334Mono only original.UK label's.EX+/EX+.£9.00
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4,5&6.272 1085
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4,5&6.272 10853 LP box set.Italian made DG.EX/NM.Booklet EX+.£12.00
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5.DGM 18333
Mravinsky.Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5.DGM 18333Mono only UK original.VG+/EX+.£8.00
Munch.Berlioz "Damnation Of Faust".MS 6523
Munch.Berlioz "Damnation Of Faust".MS 6523US original.EX/EX+.£5.00
Munch.Berlioz Overtures.SB 2125
Munch.Berlioz Overtures.SB 2125Original "Living Stereo".2D/2D.EX/EX+.A few wispy paper scuffs only.£26.00
Munch.Schubert "Great C Major".SB 2085
Munch.Schubert "Great C Major".SB 2085First label "Living Stereo".EX/EX.Has a couple of scuffs.One a bit heavier but sound quality was fine when checked.£20.00
Munchinger.Mozart "Haffner & Paris".SXL 6402
Munchinger.Mozart "Haffner & Paris".SXL 6402UK second label.EX+/NM.£10.00

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