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Please note that there is only one copy of each record.                                             Records purchased are usually cleaned for free (subject to constraints).

Oistrakh.Brahms 2nd Symphony.C10-06643-44
Oistrakh.Brahms 2nd Symphony.C10-06643-44

Original Russian 1974 (non export) "Melodiya".Oistrakh conducting and not playing the violin as you might have thought.EX/NM.

Ormandy,Kreisler."5 Treasured Recordings".SP 33 555
Ormandy,Kreisler."5 Treasured Recordings".SP 33 555Mono recordings.Limited edition.EX+/EX+.£5.00
Ormandy,Wyeth. IU 50th Anniversary.DPL1-0094
Ormandy,Wyeth. IU 50th Anniversary.DPL1-00941 LP box set.Made for the IU International 50th Anniversary 1974.Box also includes a print by Andrew Wyeth called "Roasted Chestnuts".EX/NM.Print and other contents are also NM.£14.00
Ormandy.Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker Suite".GL 42869
Ormandy.Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker Suite".GL 428691979 UK original issue.NM/NM.£5.00
Ozawa.Bizet Symphony In C.ASD 143339-1
Ozawa.Bizet Symphony In C.ASD 143339-11983 original.Chris Parker engineer.Rare.EX+/NM.£6.00
Ozawa.Borodin "Polovtsian Dances".ASD 2756
Ozawa.Borodin "Polovtsian Dances".ASD 2756Coloured stamp first label.EX/EX+.£5.00
Ozawa.Moussorgsky "Pictures".SB 6759
Ozawa.Moussorgsky "Pictures".SB 6759Second label.1K/1K matrices.EX+/NM.£5.00
Ozawa.Repighi "Pini Di Roma".415 846-1
Ozawa.Repighi "Pini Di Roma".415 846-1German digital remaster.NM/NM.£5.00
Paita.Wagner "Festival".PFS 4156
Paita.Wagner "Festival".PFS 41561969 original.EX+/NM.£5.00
Paratore,Lajovic.Mendelssohn Concerto.VMS 2087
Paratore,Lajovic.Mendelssohn Concerto.VMS 20871980 Schwann.EX/NM.£5.00
Pradella.Rossini "Sinfonia Di Bologna".VMS 2003
Pradella.Rossini "Sinfonia Di Bologna".VMS 2003German Schwann.EX/NM.£5.00
Prague Chamber Orchestra.Cherubini "Medea".SUA ST 50748
Prague Chamber Orchestra.Cherubini "Medea".SUA ST 50748

Original Czech red label.EX/NM.

Pretre.D'indy "Poeme Des Rivages".PM 375
Pretre.D'indy "Poeme Des Rivages".PM 375French EMI gatefold.EX/NM.£4.00
Previn."A Tchaikovsky Spectacular".MFSL 1-502
Previn."A Tchaikovsky Spectacular".MFSL 1-502Mobile Fidelity Japanese pressing.EX+/NM.£25.00
Previn.Beethoven Symphony No 5.ASD 2960
Previn.Beethoven Symphony No 5.ASD 2960UK original.EX+/NM.£14.00
Previn.Goldmark "Rustic Wedding".ASD 3891
Previn.Goldmark "Rustic Wedding".ASD 3891

1979 original issue.NM/NM.

Previn.Offenbach "Gaite Parisienne".6514 367
Previn.Offenbach "Gaite Parisienne".6514 3671983 Dutch digital.NM/NM.
Previn.Tchaikovsky "Manfred".ASD 3018
Previn.Tchaikovsky "Manfred".ASD 3018B/W stamp first label.TAS listed.EX+/NM.£18.00
Previn.Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker".SLS 834
Previn.Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker".SLS 834

2 LP box set.TAS listed.B/W stamp 1st labels.Early pressing.EX+/EX+.

Redel.Mozart "Divertimenti".OL 50072
Redel.Mozart "Divertimenti".OL 50072UK mono only original.Thick vinyl.EX+/EX+.Nice copy.£4.00

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