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Please note that there is only one copy of each record.                                             Records purchased are usually cleaned for free (subject to constraints).

Ellis,Bonynge."Russian Raritites".SXL 6406
Ellis,Bonynge."Russian Raritites".SXL 6406Dutch narrow band.EX/NM.£5.00
Ermler.Rimsky-Korsakov "Orchestral Music".ASD 3549
Ermler.Rimsky-Korsakov "Orchestral Music".ASD 35491978 release.EX+/NM.£5.00
Fennell."Ballet For Band".AMS 16070
Fennell."Ballet For Band".AMS 16070UK original.EX+/NM.£22.00
Fremaux.Saint-Saens "Organ Symphony".TWO 404
Fremaux.Saint-Saens "Organ Symphony".TWO 404UK TAS listed original.EX/EX+.£26.00
Fricsay.Dvorak "New World".138 127
Fricsay.Dvorak "New World".138 127"Alle Hersteller" first label.Red stereo logo.VG+/EX+.Spine has some rubs.£75.00
Fruhbeck De Burgos.Schumann Symphony No 3.SDD 323
Fruhbeck De Burgos.Schumann Symphony No 3.SDD 323

UK re-issue of 1965 recording.EX+/NM.

Furtwangler."Conducts Wagner".XLP 30082
Furtwangler."Conducts Wagner".XLP 30082Mono only.Flipback cover.EX+/EX+.A few minor scuffs.£5.00
Furtwangler.Beethoven Ninth Symphony.Everest 3241
Furtwangler.Beethoven Ninth Symphony.Everest 3241Electronic stereo.EX+/NM.£4.00
Furtwangler.Beethoven Symphony No 7.FALP 115
Furtwangler.Beethoven Symphony No 7.FALP 115French mono only original.VG/VG.Some damage to  cover.Nice vinyl over all but has pressing blister giving about 20 low tics.£23.00
Furtwangler.Mozart Symphony.C 053-00906
Furtwangler.Mozart Symphony.C 053-00906Italian EMI.EX+NM.£4.00
Furtwangler.Schubert Symphony No 9.DGM 18347
Furtwangler.Schubert Symphony No 9.DGM 18347UK orignal.Early mono only issue with very thick vinyl.NM/NM.£25.00
Furtwangler.Wagner "Tannhauser Overture".ALP 1220
Furtwangler.Wagner "Tannhauser Overture".ALP 1220Mono only original.EX/EX+£20.00
Gamley.Waldteufel Waltzes.SXL 6704
Gamley.Waldteufel Waltzes.SXL 6704UK first label.EX+/NM.£5.00
Goldberg.Mozart Symphonies 5,21,29.SFL 14073
Goldberg.Mozart Symphonies 5,21,29.SFL 14073

Szymon Goldberg conducting.EX+/NM.

Haebler.Mozart Concertos 15 & 18.PL 8300
Haebler.Mozart Concertos 15 & 18.PL 8300UK "Vox" first label.Mono only.EX/EX+.£6.00
Haitink.Bruckner Symphony No 3.SAL 3506
Haitink.Bruckner Symphony No 3.SAL 3506Hi-Fi Stereo cover.Plum label.EX/EX+.£8.00
Haitink.Strauss "Ein Heldenleben".6527 128
Haitink.Strauss "Ein Heldenleben".6527 128Dutch pressing.EX/NM.4£4.00
Harris.Grenadier Guards Band."The Spirit Of Pageantry".SKL 4028
Harris.Grenadier Guards Band."The Spirit Of Pageantry".SKL 4028ED1 "original recording by".Blue back border.EX+/NM.£8.00
Herbig.Mozart "Cassation In G".6500 701
Herbig.Mozart "Cassation In G".6500 7011975 UK original.EX+/NM.£4.00
Horenstein.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".ASD 2332
Horenstein.Tchaikovsky "Pathetique".ASD 2332S/C label original.EX+/EX+.One very minor scuff.£26.00

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