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PI = Period Instrument Performance.

Paillard.Lully "Te Deum".STU 70927
Paillard.Lully "Te Deum".STU 70927Two single sided white label test records.EX+/NM.£6.00
Pfaff."Prima Missa".198153
Pfaff."Prima Missa".198153PI. German triple gatefold.EX+/NM..£4.00
Preston.Palestrina "Missa Papae".415 517-1
Preston.Palestrina "Missa Papae".415 517-1PI  1986 German digital.Gatefold cover.NM/NM.£10.00
Rooley,Consort Of Musicke."O Vilanella".SOL 334
Rooley,Consort Of Musicke."O Vilanella".SOL 334PI. Original UK issue."16th Century Italian Popular Music".EX/EX.£3.00
Rooley,Kirkby."The Lady Musick".DSLO 559
Rooley,Kirkby."The Lady Musick".DSLO 559PI. 1979 issue.Dutch pressing.EX+/NM.£5.00
Rooley,Kirkby.Gesualdo "Quinto Madrigali".410 128-1
Rooley,Kirkby.Gesualdo "Quinto Madrigali".410 128-1PI. 1984 Dutch pressing.EX+/NM.£5.00
Rooley.Grabbe "Il Primo Libro".MD + GG 1220
Rooley.Grabbe "Il Primo Libro".MD + GG 1220PI. German digital gatefold.Signed on the back cover by Rooley,Mary Nichols,Andrew King and others.EX+/NM.£12.00
Roth,Mann.Haydn "Missa Sanctae".PRE 68 502/3 AUL
Roth,Mann.Haydn "Missa Sanctae".PRE 68 502/3 AUL2 LP gatefold.1983 German "Aulos".EX/NM.4£4.00
Sargent,Morison.Handel "Israel In Egypt".33CX 1347-8
Sargent,Morison.Handel "Israel In Egypt".33CX 1347-8Blue and gold 1st labels.EX+/EX+.Nice condition.£10.00
Sargent,Morison.Handel "Messiah".33CX 1146-8
Sargent,Morison.Handel "Messiah".33CX 1146-83 LP box set.Mono only first labels.EX/EX+.£12.00
Scherchen,Merriman.Bach "Mass In B Minor".WST 304
Scherchen,Merriman.Bach "Mass In B Minor".WST 3042 LP box set.Original US "Westminster".EX/EX+.£7.00
Schlick,Muller-Bruhl.Hasse "Piramo E Tisbe".VMS 4527
Schlick,Muller-Bruhl.Hasse "Piramo E Tisbe".VMS 45272 LP set.1986 "Schwann".EX/NM£5.00
Schlick,Muller-Bruhl.Stradella "San Giovanni Batista".AMS 4525
Schlick,Muller-Bruhl.Stradella "San Giovanni Batista".AMS 45252 LP box set.1982 Schwann.EX/NM.£6.00
Tear,Marriner.Handel,Arne.ZRG 661
Tear,Marriner.Handel,Arne.ZRG 661Original 1970 Argo.Rare.EX+/NM.£16.00
Turner,Pro Cantione Antiqua."Music For Holy Week".A66051-2
Turner,Pro Cantione Antiqua."Music For Holy Week".A66051-22 LP gatefold.1981 issue.NM/NM.Like new.£8.00
Willcocks.Haydn "Paukenmasse".ASD 2303
Willcocks.Haydn "Paukenmasse".ASD 2303Coloured stamp second label.EX+/NM.£4.00

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